About us


Thanks for showing an interest in Cr@pTri, we've outlined below what the club is all about

Initial joining fee is £45, annual renewal £20

We don't have training sessions

We don't have coaches

We prefer curry & chips over salad

We provide a fantastic support crew at most Cr@p Tri participated events - you'll spot them in bright pink supporters tops!

We have zero facilities

We don't do training plans

We don't regularly meet as a club

We prefer lager to energy drinks

Still interested?!

We are affiliated via Welsh triathlon to British Triathlon but they hate our name (Welsh triathlon love it). Joining also entitles you to a £11 discount if you choose to join British triathlon

The only real benefit to joining is the opportunity to purchase our lovely kit

On joining you will receive a Cr@pTri hoodie and the ability to order kit from our Online Store

Available to non-member is the Cr@pTri Supporters merchandise

In summary

If you want a club that is going to: push you to the limits, improve you as an athlete, promote the sport of triathlon and have lots of fore planning and regulations then we kindly suggest you go and join one, if not...........Welcome to Cr@pTri

Should you wish to proceed in joining please let us know and we can progress your application

Thanks for showing an interest. On a serious note, through the various triathlons/ marathons/ rides our members participate in, we have collectively raised in excess of £30,000 for a number of different charities

In 2015 one of main supporters - Bethan Loveless won the much coverted Welsh Triathlon Volunteer of the Year award


Want The Want

Ironman 2015 - Support Crew

Welsh Triathlon - Volunteer of the Year 2015